I love seeing and hearing people reactions when they see their photographs for the first time, it is my favourite part of this job. 

Boudoir photography is a very personal experience and often quite a big deal for people to get half naked on camera so reactions are very different from 'Wow i look quite pretty actually' to the even better response 'I didnt know I could feel like that!' 

Below are just a few testimonials from lovely Ladies I have photographed, feel free to have a read through and if you want to have a chat about how I could help you could feel this good, give me a call 

Marian  (11).jpg

The experience was wonderful and Maddy really couldn't have done any more. She went completely above and beyond my expectations and what was necessary.

I booked you because I liked the fact you started the business after having a boudoir session yourself. and the zoom chat before the shoot made me feel very comfortable with you.

On the day I felt completely relaxed, pretty much right from the start and the whole day was fun.

I thought the poses would feel forced and fake and that would show through in the pictures. I tend not to feel comfortable being photographed and don't look natural. When you showed me how you wanted me how to position myself you made it seem natural and fun which made me feel the same way when I tried to replicate what you had shown me.

I felt comfortable, relaxed and able to enjoy the experience in a way I never would have thought possible. I actually enjoyed it!

I was very happy with my 'makeover'  I have extremely curly uncontrollable hair and was worried I'd end up with it looking huge and bushy (as has happened previously) or that I'd feel over made up. Neither of these things happened and the stylist was wonderful. She made me feel completely at ease and I was really happy with the results.

On seeing my photos for the first time I thought "oh my god! Maddy is a magician, she's actually made me look feminine!"

I was absolutely thrilled with the product. She really captured the moment and gave me exactly what I wanted - even though I wasn't sure I had expressed what I wanted very well.

The experience as a whole was so positive from start to finish i couldn't pinpoint one part.

Thank you so much!



I absolutely Loved the experience and Raving about it to everyone. 

I choose Phoenix Boudoir because the main focus is all about being empowering for women.

I was worried before the shoot that I might not be photogenic - I was wrong! I loved the photos of myself, Maddy made me look so glamours and it was a lot of fun. The stylist was great - she understood the look I was going for, didn't try to cover me with too much makeup.and i loved being the center of attention for the day; although it can be surprisingly tiring to hold a pose! 

I ordered a album and USB package both were really good quality, beautifully presented!


Anne  (38).JPG

I was nervous about being undressed in front of others and about my size but I didn't need to be worried, Maddy really put me at ease throughout. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone. She knows what poses to do and how to make people feel comfortable. She is also so good and boosting your confidence.

It was really good, I loved every minute of it and found the hours flew by. The location was perfect and Maddy was able to use it to create beautiful pictures. Photos I will cherish for a lifetime and When i saw them .I was in shock, they were beautiful and I found it hard to pick my favourite few. The few provided shortly after the shoot had already put me at ease, knowing they would be nice. In addition, Maddy showed me some images as she was taking them on the day. The images are not airbrushed but they still look beautiful and I will always be grateful to Maddy for them .As like the images, the presentation of the USB and prints were beautiful and such high quality. I know my husband was impressed when I gave them to him. I wasn't expecting them to be so beautifully presented. My favourite part of the whole experience was definitely going outside my comfort zone and doing something new. This isn't something that people do often so I wanted it to be special. It really was, thanks to Maddy! My stylist did a stunning job of my hair and make up! I was so happy with the result and hating taking it off later that day.

I can't think of anything that could be improved, The shoot happened during the pandemic which meant we had to work around the restrictions. We managed it and I appreciate it possibly took away from what the experience would have been in other circumstances. However, that is just a sign of 2020 and is entirely no fault of Maddy, who went above and beyond for me.


I have many insecurities and i always find something i don't like in every photograph of me. I met Maddy for a coffee and we got on well, she understood what i wanted from the session and put me at ease. A Boudoir shoot was outside of my comfort zone but it was a gift for my fiance but Maddy was very personable and made me feel like i could be myself, that's why i picked her!

I was really worried about how i would look in the photos.  I enjoyed the shoot but was sceptical and uncertain of whether i would like the finished product being so critical of myself but i absolutely loved it! I was shocked with just how great i looked. I loved the photos and i couldn't believe it was me, Maddy did an amazing Job! 

Both the hair and makeup were gorgeous, we had a quick chat before we got started and i explained the look i was going for, and i even had to go out that evening to make the most of it. 

I Absolutely loved the experience, Maddy has really made me look and feel great and that really comes across in the pictures. Everything was over and above my expectations, the presentation of the final product and prints were something special, which was great as it was a wedding present for my other half. 

My Favourite part was seeing the final photos, it made me feel great about myself, also my partners reaction when he saw them was great, he couldn't believe i did something like that.

Although it was out of my comfort zone, i couldn't be happier with the final photos. I have shown so many people because they are amazing and i look great, something i never say!

Being a plus sized girl it can sometimes feel difficult to feel confident in your own skin and I certainly never imagined myself posing in front of a camera! However Maddy made me feel comfortable immediately and I was constantly assured I was happy with the outfits and poses she photographed me in. The shoot was so much fun, it wasn't too serious and we had a giggle while I still felt glamourous the entire time. The best part; I fell in love with my photographs. I would totally recommend a Boudoir shoot to anyonewho needs a reminder of how beautiful they are, there is nothing quite like it!

Anxiety is an ongoing battle and one i have to fight every day, i cannot thank you enough for giving me something to fight back with. Every day i will look at my photos and be reminded how beautiful i am. Thank you for helping me to empower myself!

Maddy was a brilliant photographer, through the entire process she was so friendly and helpful talking to me about any ideas i had and discussing the favourite parts of myself and the ones i didn't want to focus on. The shoot itself was amazing, i had so much fun. Maddy was so cheerful and complimentary and i didn't feel the least bit uncomfortable and she provided excellent pose guidance so i didn't need to worry about what to do. I left the day feeling like a model and on seeing the photos? I have never loved being me so much! I would recommend her to anyone. 

There are beyond superb, Maddy you have outdone yourself. Forget my partner I am printing me an album! I adore them so much Thank you x

Wow Maddy they are amazing, they made me cry a little. I love them and would recommend you to anyone!

Such a great experience, everything I had hoped for and more!

A really fun and relaxed shoot that resulted in me having some of my favourite images of myself ever!. 

This is everything a women needs; fun, glamour, champagne and being reminded of how beautiful and sexy you are!

Cannot thank Maddy enough for helping me to remember that and reminding my partner too!

I have struggled with my body image for some time now, after having spinal corrective surgery as a teenager I have never felt comfortable wearing anything tight or revealing. Maddy put me at ease , she took her time with me and the shoot was done tastefully. 

I love my pictures so much; they showed me that my scars are not something to be ashamed of and that I can feel confident with my body!

I look and feel amazing! 

I felt so comfortable with you, I couldn't fault the shoot and the pictures? I LOVE THEM! 

I look very sexy and I never say that about myself.

Thank you for a really fun day and some wicked pictures, I cant wait to show my partner! 

They are fantastic! I LOVE them all!

They are going to be perfect in my portfolio- Thank you so much