The Vivacious Ms G

I had the pleasure of photographing a vivacious Spanish Beauty earlier this month and boy did she rock it!!

Ms G was brought her shoot as a gift from her boyfriend as a excuse for her to let her hair down and get well and truly pampered.

His only instructions to me were 'To make her feel like a princess' well no problem that is what I do best! (he did also happen to mention that he loved her bum)

On meeting Ms G her personality and energy shone through, her desires from the shoot were to get some sexy images as she said she doesn't normally think of herself like that!

Day of the shoot we arrive at a beautiful hotel in Essex and Ms G is feeling a little nervous so whats the best way to get rid of all that nervous energy? Bouncing on the bed of course!!

So much fun, i love this picture it is full of energy and let's her quirky and fun personality shine through.

All exhausted now time for bed ...

Second outfit, she brought her partners white shirt which is always a winner Ladies! Its such a versatile outfit choice and men love it too! So classic and effortlessly sexy.

Ms G brought quite a few different wardrobe selections which is great for creating variety which is perfect if you are after an album as your finished product.


Outfit three. I love shooting the private natural moments. Just her in her own beautiful little world getting ready for part two.

How gorgeous is Ms G's hair? We had a lot of hair play. Roughing it up, flicking it around these were some of my favourites from the day.

Getting Cheeky now, i just couldn't resist using this 'Do not

disturb sign'

PS I love love this corset! Sex siren? Yes indeed!

I love a good mirror shot, and this amazing hotel room had an incredible floor to ceiling shabby chic mirror which we both just adored.

I love photographing in mirrors because you get to see both sides of her body, Bonus! (Love this one of her bum)

This is actually my dress that I brought last month that I thought would be lovely to use on a shoot. I quite often pick up beautiful pieces that i keep in a prop box for my Ladies to use. This dress is gorgeous very pretty and girly. Plus major bonus because its a wrap dress it can be worn completely undone.

I love the effect it gives; modest but extremely sexy.

This lingerie set worked perfectly with her skin tone, always important to take that into account when you are deciding on your wardrobe choices.


Now the final set-up; on our original meet up Pre-shoot Ms G expressed a desire to do some nude photographs but she wasn't sure she was brave enough. I say to a lot of my clients that 'let's just see how you feel on the day' and despite the initial nerves Ms G felt when she arrived by the end of the shoot she decided that she wanted to go all the way. I couldn't be more proud that she pushed out of her comfort zone and the final result was stunning. See for yourself.

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