The Top Ten Things you should know before having a Boudoir Shoot

Use a Professional

Make sure your photographer specialises in Boudoir Photography. It might seem obvious but lots of people just hire a professional photographer and think that they will still end up with great photos; this isn't the case. I know a fantastic children’s photographer that was asked to do a Boudoir shoot for a client, she really struggled and unfortunately both herself and the client weren't happy with the result and she passed the client over to me. 70% of Boudoir photography is the posing; getting the right poses for your individual body shape to make you look and feel your best takes expertise and training. For most people a Boudoir photo-shoot is something you only do once and it is usually for a special occasion so it is very important to get it right! Make sure the photographer you hire is experienced in taking Boudoir photos. Ask to see their portfolio, read their testimonials to see if you like their style and way of working. Trust me when you are pushing yourself out of your comfort zone you are going to appreciate being in expert hands. When you find the right photographer for you together you will end up with photos you love and are proud of.


Know your Photographer

You are trusting this person with a very special and important shoot so get to know your photographer! You wouldn't cut corners with your Wedding photographer so don’t with your Boudoir photographer. Check out their Facebook page/ website/ Instragram to see if you like their style, you should be able to get a feel for their personality as well. Contact them, if you can schedule in a phone call then do it is much preferable to email. You get a feel for them as a person and whether you would like to work with them. You may even want to arrange to meet with them prior to booking. Look at their portfolio, read their testimonials you need to pick someone that you are going to feel comfortable with and trust them to take beautiful portraits of you. You should feel comfortable enough to talk to your photographer throughout the whole process’ be able to tell her if you are feeling nervous, discuss any ideas you have etc So do your research and bond with your photographer!!


Be Excited

Be excited! Chat to your Boudoir photographer about what to expect on the day, pamper yourself, make a pinterest board, tell your friends, get your nails done, buy something brand new just for the shoot; lingerie, jewellery, hair piece or new shoes. This type of photo-shoot is an experience that you will treasure forever so be excited!


Think about your motivation

What is your motivation? What do you want to take away from the shoot. For example it is not enough to say that it’s a gift for your partner. Instead think about how would YOU like to be portrayed in the photos? How would you like to feel during and after the shoot? If it is a gift for someone else then I can promise you will get better results if you think about what YOU want; that way I can capture your personality. If it Is a photo-shoot just for you then great! But why are you doing it? Let me tell your story through your photographs, and you’ll love them even more it!


Think about Budget

Make sure you have a think before you book in your shoot what your budget is. Boudoir shoots usually range anywhere from £200 - £10,000. This will vary depending on your photographer, and each photographer will offer different packages. Be weary of companies that offer free shoots as it usually means that their photos are really expensive. Check out their websites before hand. I would always recommend packages as they usually already include a set amount of photos which means savings for you! Look out for digital packages as well as these work out the best value for money although can be a little more to purchase initially.


Don’t start a new beauty regime

The day before your shoot is not the time to have a spray tan for the first time or try a new haircut. Just don’t do it, if it goes wrong you will be stressing all the way through the shoot and you will not like your photos. Most photographer work with hair and make-up artists who will make you look and feel amazing on the day (my ladies are amazing!), so hold fire on that new haircut and don’t even think about getting those lip fillers (it happened once) If your'e going to have a wax or a spray tan make sure its booked at least 4 days before your shoot so your skin has had time to settle. Just drink lots of water, moisturise lots and have an early night the night before and your skin will glow.


Take your clothes off before the shoot

Do not wear TIGHT socks or a bra the day of your shoot. In fact if you can don’t wear them at all. Straps marks are awful!


Wear Your Sexy

Plan your wardrobe for your shoot. In this case more is more! Bring more than you plan to wear that way on the day you can see what fits your mood, the set and your comfort zone, your photographer will help you with this. Wear what you think is sexy not what you think sexy should be. Sexiness is very subjective and personal, and just because the majority of Boudoir photos are lingerie based doesn't mean yours should be, You have to feel comfortable and if you don’t it will show in your face and in your body language. The sexiest thing a woman can wear is a smile so it doesn't matter what you wear.


Do not forget your nails

Do get a manicure and pedicure before your shoot or do a DIY one at home. Just tidy and paint your nails up they look great on camera and will help boost your confidence.


Pack extra Stockings

This one is self explanatory. Bring extras, they ladder!

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