What To Wear?

What to bring to your Boudoir Shoot? Well there is no right or wrong answer. Sexiness is subjective and very personal to each person, so what you bring is down to you.

At your enquiry you and I will meet up for a Pre-shoot catch up to discuss your experience and a big part of that is discussing styling. How do you want to look and feel during your shoot? I will make suggestions on the type of thing that will work well for your theme. Check out The Look Book for some more ideas.

After you have booked in your Boudoir Session you will also have access the the Client Portal which is packed full of great content to help you, it is also personalised to you. I will send you some ideas for lingerie, props etc based on our conversations. 

Wear YOUR Version of Sexy!

Some Examples of Outfits & Props From Previous Shoots...

But ultimately the only advice I can give you is bring YOUR version of sexy not anyone elses's. If you feel sexy in a big baggy jumper or your favourite dress then bring that! Boudoir doesn't nessarsaily mean lingerie so bring outfits/ underwear that you feel comfortable and sexy in.

However if you are stuck for ideas usual items include corsets, stockings, baby-dolls, chemise, your man’s favourite shirt or football top, Basques, dressing gowns the list is endless.

I do suggest that you bring along a few different outfits with you just in case; its always a good idea to bring too much than not enough as you may change your mind on the day about how you feel about a certain outfit. I will be there as well to help you make styling decisions; as often this depends on the location and the hair and makeup choices. 

Tip: Dresses, baggy jumpers, crop tops etc are great to start your shoot off, especially if your feeling nervous.

I love having fun with props so bring some along, let your imagination run wild. I usually bring along a small collection of things based on our Pre-shoot chat but to give you ideas usual items include; scarfs, handcuffs, necklaces, hats, gloves, riding crops, masks to name just a few.  

Most importantly do not forget your favourite heels!