The Look Book

So you have decided to take the plunge and have a Boudoir Shoot.

But how do you want your photos to look?

Time to think styling! 

This page will give you some ideas for your outfits and props;

I have written down some of my recommendations for you based on our conversations, this part should be fun not stressful!

Before the camera is even turned on you need to feel amazing so make sure whatever outfits or makeover you choose make sure you feel comfortable and great in your look. The main thing to remember 'Wear YOUR sexy', not anyone elses! If you do not feel sexy/ comfortable in it, put it back!

Yes OK this experience may be pushing your boundaries so of course be a little daring but if PVC is not your thing don't bother! Likewise if you wear very little makeup usually this is not the time to try heavy smokey eyes for the first time, you will not feel like yourself. 

In terms of your outfits choices, Do bring a variety,  we will do about 4/5 outfit changes, so mix it up! 

Be aware of fabrics and shapes, pick lingerie that flatters your figure. Lace and sheers fabrics always look great choose darker colours black, purple, deep greens and so on, these tend to look better on camera.

For Ideas on your Makeup and Hair Styling check out Makeover


'Both the Hair and Makeup were so gorgeous, I had to go out that evening to make the most of it!' - Ms F

My recommendations for you

Hi, This is a little list of suggestions I feel will work well following our conversation about the style you want, do have a think about any of your quirky personality traits or your hobbies etc that you might like to bring to the shoot. Outfit wise these are just a few suggestions to point you in the right direction you obviously do not need to take them. Ultimately Bring stuff you love and feel comfortable in.

A Loose Jumper/ Oversized Tshirt 

This is great if your feeling a little nervous to start with. It is also super cute so can do a couple of 'coy' photos 

Dressing Gown/ Robe

I would suggest you bring a dressing gown with you as something to wear while your having your makeup and hair done and you can keep warm if need be between shots. Robes are also great for a few shots as it is quite versatile 

Lace Body

A Lace Body would be gorgeous on you but keep to dark colours, black, purples, reds


A corset always looks great! Its Lovely for back poses too

Bra and Knickers Set

You can never go wrong with a gorgeous lingerie set so bring along at least one, your wedding lingerie would be perfect for this.


If you have a uber glam evening dress that is your favourite, bring it! There a lot we can do with it and its a good place to start, also these will be the pictures you can showoff to your mum!


Do bring a couple of pairs of stockings, they look great on camera! Try to avoid fishnets though.


Bring a couple of pairs of your favourite shoes, one of them should ideally be black. Stilettos do tend to look better on camera


We chatted about bringing your personality into your photographs. Props are great for this, i will bring a long a few bits as well. This isn't necessary obviously but is always a nice touch.


Some Wardrobe Inspiration...